JFP is a California born artist. She has been a student of Hip Hop since RUN DMC and NWA. Her skill on the mic is a testament to her dedication and passion for authentic expression. She has been producing and performing her own music for over a decade and continues making waves as a rapper, advocate, and athlete.  She has performed at several LGBT Pride Festivals throughout the US and tours Europe yearly. 

In 2019 JFP performed with renowned LA DJ BreezyEZ at the        L-Fest the largest Women's Festival in the UK.  Mini doc coming soon on YouTube

 In 2018, JFP toured through Barcelona, Berlin, and Montpellier, France to packed houses with Toronto Rapper Ice Tha One.  Europe has been much more receptive to JFP’s energetic flow and she is currently plotting her 2021 return to her home land. 

As a firm believer in the power of thought and magic, JFP released an EP in 2019 entitled “Aquarius Awarius,” 5 tracks of in your face emotions, energy and purpose. In 2020 JFP has dropped just one single thus fall "Marty McFly" but it promises satisfaction. New music will flow as healing occurs and spirits elevate.  

JFP is expanding the consciousness of the collective, one rap at a time. Elevate and tap in to the next dimension of hip hop. We’re in this together. 


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“You might not believe that somebody who has given herself the F-word as a middle name would be as much fun as Julie Fucking Potter. But it’s true...It’s important to note that this woman has a serious message, but also has a sense of humor about herself... Something has to be said for having the kind of drive that’s created her success.” - Kamala Puligandla – Curve Magazine 

“Her eye for storytelling detail is sharp, and she attacks each track with gusto!” - Ernest Hardy – The Advocate 

“When she comes out onstage, it’s just halos, flashes of light, all kinds of fireworks,” Myers said. “She just has a presence. She comes out onstage and dominates. I think I’m going to be one of those people bragging that I was there from the beginning. I think she’s going places.” –Marcel Myers (adoring fan) 







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